Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breast milk...not just for feeding your baby.

Did you know that breast milk has several other uses? I never had a clue that these other uses existed nor did I know how powerful the stuff could be. Not only does breast milk have superior powers when feeding your baby but you can also heal some other common ailments. Check em out!

In the UK it's not common practice to apply erythromycin ointment to a newborns eyes as it is here in the US and Paige developed a little bit of a "crusty eye". Little did I know that my breast milk would help to heal her conjunctivitis. I began applying it straight form my breast to her eye and it cleared up in a couple of days!
I also posted a blog not too long ago about breast milk soap. It was definitely a new one for me and I have yet to make any, but I can see the benefits. I'd be willing to bet that it's great on eczema.

On a side note.... what do you use to hydrate your babies skin? Most products out there, Johnson's and Johnson's (cough cough) can be very drying to their skin. Have you ever used baby oil on yourself? If you're like me, at a once younger age, you may have tried using it while sunbathing. What I remember most is how greasy it was and how it sat on my skin instead of soaking in. This is because its made of mineral oils and they aren't designed to seep into the skin. Plus they usually contain perfumes which have alcohol thus drying the skin out even more. One of the best things, and very inexpensive, is edible grade oils. Try sunflower, grape seed or light olive oil. In fact the hospitals in the UK use olive oil regularly in the NICU for all babies! We have used Olive oil since Paige's birth and she has never had dry skin and she never smells of olives :) Below is some steps on how to use olive oil while giving infant massage. Great bonding opportunity for dad by the way!!!

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