Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Every now and then....

Every now and then Richard and I come across something that makes us go hmmmm? Recently we have had two things that have made us take a look at our lifestyle and helped us to make a change for the better.
Have you seen the documentary "Forks Over Knives"? Go out and rent it or get it on Netflick's. It's astonishing, astounding, aspiring and certainly provoking. Basically, the movie shows numerous physicians and research studies that show the direct correlation between cancer, diabetes, and heart disease with the consumption of meat and animal products. Several people, whom are already on many prescription medications for these ailments, enlist themselves into a diet related program to find that they have eliminated the need for such medications and have reversed many of the diseases. They also find that they loose weight and have increased level of energy and libido. Sounds like a miracle, right?

Check out the website...
So what can you eat? The diet consists of any whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You must do away with meat, dairy and of course refined sugars, processed foods and oils. Sounds pretty simple... not when you look at what you eat on a daily basis which can also be a huge wake up call.
So what has the Pratten household done about it? Not a whole lot yet but intend to do some further research. We have looked into buying a recipe book, written by one of the physician's sons, for some inspiration and motivation. I have definitely become more aware of how much dairy and meat I consume and that in itself is my first step. I will keep you updated on how this all evolves.
The other event that has created change in our house is the sudden ear infection that Paige acquired. She is now on antibiotics and as many of you know, antibiotics can wipe out all bacteria...even the good stuff. This has certainly lit a fire under my bum and we went straight out to get probiotics for the whole family. I have wanted to commence them for awhile now but i guess I needed a swift kick! So, hopefully all of our digestive tracts will be healthier and happier very soon.

Benefits of Probiotics
  • Improves tolerance to dairy products
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Regulates immune function
  • Relieves minor gastrointestinal problems
  • Acts as a barrier against harmful organisms
These are the most well known benefits of probiotics. There is emerging science to suggest that probiotics may be useful in the treatment of hypertension,  high cholesterol,  IBS,  and the prevention of colon cancer.


  1. Very good article Shannon! I started eating two servings of probiotics a day about four months ago...Greek yogurt and Kefir. Since then I don't have the bouts of IBS/gas/stomach aches I used to have and I haven't gotten a cold all winter! (...knock on wood). Sure I miss a serving every now and then but I really think it's due to adding probiotics to my diet (and eating better too of course!)

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