Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dr. Green regarding weaning your baby to solids

Dr. Greene is a widely known pediatrician and the author of Feeding Baby Green. I have added the link regarding question/answers when it comes to feeding your baby solids. He discusses how commercially made baby food is an injustice to our children and may be the link to many childhood diseases, especially obesity. I like his philosophy because he finds it important to feed babies a variety of wholesome, organic foods from an early age and that introducing foods once thought to cause allergies may be in fact beneficial in preventing allergies. I have always fed my daughter a large variety of foods in order to expose her to as many things and to prevent a "picky eater". Seems to be working thus far, but I know that we have many eating stages ahead of us :) I also want to comment on Dr. Greene's advice of when to initiate solids, 6 months for exclusively breastfed infants and as early as 4 months for formula fed babies. This is congruent with what the World Health Organisation states.

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