Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our little Paige will be 1!

Wow, what a crazy fast yet slow year. A lot has happened since the arrival of our little girl. She will be one tomorrow and she has experienced a lot in her lifetime; she moved from London to San Francisco! Her father and I have also been through a lot and have managed to stay strong in our commitment to each other and our responsibility to parent our daughter. We are so very fortunate to have such a well behaved, loving child (who knows what the next one will bring us :))
So... someone so intelligently asked me today.... "are you going to celerbrate her turning 1?" I of course said yes and she replied, "No, I mean are you going to celebrate the past year of being a mommy?" I thought for a second and realized that being a mommy is a huge accomplishment. There are many many sacrifices that both mommy's and daddy's experience, but as a mom you have a huge sacrifice of your body. As much joy breastfeeding brings me I know taht I will be happy to have my body back, but I'm not sure that that will ever happen! I hope to breastfeed for another year and then to start on baby #2. To be a mommy is such a selfless act worth every minute! So I think to myself, of course I'm going to celebrate the last year of motherhood and we all should. We should all be proud to have everyone standing on their own two feet (or all fours if your little one is still crawling like mine). We have birthed a human being and through our hard work our offspring will continue to thrive and be amazing children and someday adults.
Cheers to all mothers out there and let me know if you have any special celebration plans of your own!

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