Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breastmilk Soap... who would of thought?

Wow... this one was such an eye opener for me, but makes complete sense. We're told to put breastmilk on cracked nipples, in an infected eye and on a diaper rash for its healing and antibacterial properties. Breastmilk contains loads of good healthy fats that can soothe skin, especially super sensitive skin. Were all searching for the most natural, chemilcal free skincare to use for our little ones, so why not? Its also good for our adult skin too.
Obviously you cant buy breastmilk soap YET, but if you're daring enough and you have enough surplus you can try to make it yourself. If you have expired milk or milk that you were planning to dump due to alcohol or medication consumption than this is a great opportunity to put it to good use. Just make sure that you don't use breastmilk pumped during a bout of thrush/yeast as this may cause a reaction.
There are many first hand reports of how using breastmilk soap healed their childrens exzema, psorisis or even the everyday sunburn. So if any of you have ever used breastmilk soap or attempt to make it I would love to hear about it!
Breastmilk holds so many great secrets...

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