Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating for two? Some things to think about.

So, you're finally pregnant and you've dreamed of the day that you get to throw all your dieting cares out the window. But did you know that what you eat while you're pregnant will shape your child's eating habits for years to come? The amniotic fluid that surrounds and cushions your baby is quite dynamic. Your baby constantly swallows this fluid and what's really crazy is that the fluid will taste like what you eat! By 21 weeks gestation your baby's taste buds have formed and can begin to taste what you put into your body. Studies about flavored amniotic fluid have been around for years but this one just popped up,
So, while your sitting there scarfing down that third donut or drinking your second can of coke think to yourself... this is what my baby is tasting and my baby may be predisposed to liking all of this sugary food for the rest of his or her life. If I try to eat more fruits and vegetables my child may be a less picky eater, thus building a good foundation of healthy habits and making my life easier down the road :)

Whats also interesting is that what you eat doesn't stop affecting your baby once he or she is born. Your breast milk will also have the flavor of the foods you love to eat. Babies that are fed formula are exposed to only one flavour day in and day out for six months straight. This certainly doesn't help to develop their taste buds and may lead to a picky eater. This is another great reason to breastfeed your baby. Not only will you both reap the benefits but you will also have a less picky eater once you start to wean your baby to solids at 6 months.

Moral of the story... watch what you eat. Being pregnant doesn't give you the excuse to eat whatever you want. Its always wise to maintain a healthy diet for the development of your child and it shows that what you eat affects your child in more ways than one. Here is a good reference for your diet while pregnant

Oh, one more thing... when you do start to wean your baby to solids it generally takes them six to ten times before they begin to develop a liking to the new flavors. So be persistent... it will pay off!

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